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Your face looks tired and you have dark circles under your eyes?

You have tried everything, but nothing really worked? Here is THE solution which combines natural and high-technology:

Act at the core of the problem

Endermolift™ is the 100% natural face technique of the renowned Cellu M6®. How does it work?

Lying comfortably, you entrust your face to your LPG expert. Equipped with a patented technology’s treatment head, the expert will carefully massage your eyes contour. The micro-beats delivered by the treatment head gently stimulate the skin: it is so enjoyable that you will almost fall asleep! Circulation (responsible for colored bags under the eyes and puffy eyes) is reactivated and within a few minutes, bags under the eyes are smaller thanks to an accurate drainage.

Session after session, the eyes expression lights

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For many of us, cold days of winter mean discomfort and dryness of the skin of the face, hands, and feet and for some people, the problem is worse than just a dry feeling …

Here are simple tips that should help your skin stay moist and healthy throughout the winter!

Look for a Specialist

Going to an esthetician or dermatologist is a good investment. They can give you advices on the kind of treatment you may need as well as the skin care products you should be using.

Find specialists that use natural and efficient techniques to boost your natural production of collagen and elastin. EndermoliftTM, LPG’s facial technique is a safe choice as not only does it enhance your complexion but you also enjoy a truly relaxing moment.

Moisturize More

As the weather conditions change, your skin care routine should change as well. A good product should contain a synergy of actives high in concentration and for an e

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Regular physical activity or sport slows down aging and allows you to stay fit. But with age, it is sometimes difficult to find the right activity. Here is a small guide to help you find THE sport that suits you.

After 50 years old, the body no longer responds to physical stress the same way. Muscular strength decreases as well as respiratory capacity and bone density. Arteries begin to harden and joints lose their flexibility. The result: diseases associated with aging appear as hypertension,osteoporosis, heart and arthritis diseases. Most of these diseases are improved by physical activity since sport strengthens bones, helps breathing and reinforces muscle mass, decreases blood pressure, controls weight gain and makes you feel good!

Today, more and more sports are suitable for seniors.

Tai chi, yoga or aqua gym for example improves flexibility. For breath and endurance nothing is better than a good walk! If you are afraid to get bored, golf can also be a possibility. Increasingly democratized, nothing like a beautiful golf course to exercise while enjoying the peaceful scenery.

Physical ac

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The rehabilitation’s objective for post-partum women has well evolved. In the sixties, the rehabilitation’s goal was abdominal and women were doing quite dangerous exercises, increasing abdominal pressure, which affected perineum muscles. During the eighties, the excess was the opposite as physiotherapists were practicing perineal rehabilitation rather than abdominal rehabilitation, totally forgetting the abdominal wall, as well as rachis problems.

Nowadays, the approach is more global and it is obvious that the care must be lumbo-abdomino-perineal and postural.

HUBER® MOTION LAB meets all of these expectations by providing an innovative and effective solution. The new hypopressive protocols included in the machine allow to offer a unique follow-up to each patient.

The young mothers finally work in a standing position, in a “real” daily situation. The platform and column’s movement obliges to make postural adjustments to globally and safely balance oneself.

The auto-enlargement positions allow to recruit specific muscular grou

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Available at first for the medical field (ophthalmic surgery, knee osteoarthritis), hyaluronic acid is increasingly used for cosmetic purposes. It indeed symbolizes the true new rejuvenating secret!

Focus on a natural origin molecule:

Present in the human body, the HA moisturizes the skin thanks to a water retention process redistributed thereafter. This acid acts like a sponge, by picking up a good amount of water, allowing cells to stay hydrated, and skin to stay young.

It is not a secret, the quantity of HA decreases with age and the dryness of the skin will unveil fine lines and wrinkles.

The injection of hyaluronic acid thus provides a “shot” of hydration to “thirsty” skin with an immediate result: a plumped, clarified and denser skin!

However, the main problem of the HA is that it is injected. And injection means needle which also means, bruising, redness, itching, and complications, high cost … not to mention uncertainties about its effects on the skin in the long term.

So what about hyaluronic acid in cosmetics?

Besides the technical guarantee, the presence of the active

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Beyond its anti-cellulite action , Cellu M6 can also: – Release fatty deposits – Smooth fat deposits – Resculpt your body – Firm your skin

How does it work ?

Thanks to the Lipomassage™ technique, Cellu M6® is very efficient for women and men who want to eliminate stubborn fat resistant to physical exercise and dieting (1). The LIPOMASSAGE technique, with CELLU M6, is efficient on:

– cellulite – bra folds – sagging arms – thick arms – flabby bellies – big bellies – thick waists – saddlebags – flat buttocks – flabby buttocks – fatty buttocks – fatty thighs – fatty knees

The treatments’ effectiveness is scientifically proven. As of the company’s foundation in 1986, LPG’s innovations have always been validated by scientific studies (all scientific results are available on the company’s website www.lpgsystems.com ). Another proof is the number of machines sold around the world!

Three key points to bear in mind in order to get the best results:

1/ The LIPOMASSAGE technique is efficient but requires a healthy lifestyle in order to get optimum results : our advice is to keep a balanced diet and do sport to burn the released fat– i

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